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Originally posted on Celi-chan In Wonderland Blog, November 1st, 2017

Today I will be going over the second part of my article 4 Theories to Help Understand Your Needs, Wants, & Motivations in Life, by discussing different steps that you can take to get motivated and satisfy your needs! If by chance you haven’t read the first part of this where I go over some of the needs we all have and wish to fulfill, I recommend reading that first. Read it yet? Good.


Getting Motivated

So…Let me ask you…

Are you unsatisfied? Of course you are! I mean can anyone really be satisfied? It’s unsurprising if you are unsatisfied. We know that unmet needs can cause a person to feel unhappy and function poorly. And If you’re feeling unsatisfied or unmotivated consider these next points to help with motivation.


Questions & Self-reflections

Start by questioning and evaluating your needs, goals, and motivations along with their possible origins. Referring to my previous article might help if you’re having trouble with this section. Ask yourself…

  • What are you needs and motivations?
  • Which of your needs are being satisfied and which aren’t?
  • Is it really your needs you are trying to satisfy, or someone else’s?
  • Are you’re satisfying a higher need through the satisfaction of a lower one? There’s nothing wrong with doing that of course, just so long as you know you’re doing it.

Goal Setting

If you’re feeling unmotivated try setting some goals. You know, the funny thing about motivation is that it rarely just falls into your lap. You need to make it happen. Your goal doesn’t have to be broad or complex or totally amazing.

  • Just be SMART about it. SMART meaning specific, measurable, accurate,   realistic, and timely.
  • Break down your goal into smaller and simpler steps, starting with something that can be completed very easily.
  • Make up a routine and stick to it.
  • Go for extrinsic motivation and focus on the benefits you’ll gain when you   satisfy your need and reach your goal.
  • And just because you’re trying to satisfy YOUR needs, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Get some support, find a mentor or someone willing to help you with what you’re trying to achieve. It may take a while but don’t get discourage.


Change of Thought

A simple yet overlooked way to get motivated is to just change the way you think about your needs.

  • Look at yourself and your life objectively. Observe and analyze your thoughts and behaviors. Be honest with yourself. Try not to get emotional, but don’t ignore your feelings. Like if you’re afraid you’ll be forever alone, then make sure you list that in your observations.
  • Be imaginative. If your needs or goals seem tedious and boring use your imagination to make it into a game or something. Or you can always fantasize you’re riding off into the sun set with that special someone or becoming master of the universe…Just make sure you don’t fantasize while you’re cooking or driving, cuz that would be bad.
  • Try to challenge yourself to do something new or different. It doesn’t have to be something so radical that you make yourself uncomfortable. Challenges can help you reach your goal but can also give you extra motivation and confidence to achieve a different goal as well. Another thing that’ll boost your confidence and motivation, is motivating someone else. Teach a friend or someone how to do something new. Preferably something you like or know a bit about already. Even if you’re a terrible teacher and your friend learns nothing, you’ll be surprised at what you know.
  • However if you’re not the friendly sort you can always just be a prideful ass whose motivated by proving others wrong and ensuring that you’re better than everyone else.
  • Or if your frustrations have no bounds and nothing seems to satisfy you then try lowering your expectations. If you expect less from others or yourself then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when your expectations are exceeded.
  • Try getting into the zone and prepare your mind by getting inspired. Meditate or exercise, read inspirational quotes, and listen to inspirational music before or while you work on your goal.
  • Even though imagination is important and useful, remember to stop daydreaming! and just do whatever it is you feel you need to do (as long it doesn’t involve harming anyone or yourself. Please don’t do that).


Things to Remember

Also Some things to keep in mind when getting and staying motivated:

  • Stop judging yourself!
  • Don’t get discouraged!
  • Realize how special what your trying to achieve really is
  • Get comfortable with feeling stupid or foolish. And don’t worry about asking stupid questions.
  • Lastly, not everyone’s physiology is the same, meaning your brain structure is unique to you. Consider that your brain chemistry could be a bit off; And if you’re feeling a significant amount distress it may be best that you talk to a mental health professional.

Oh wait, one more thing, and this is the most important thing to remember…Satisfy yourself! Just let yourself have it. What ever IT is. Again, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Don’t ever think that you are unworthy or undeserving of anything. You can give all the excuses you want for being unable to satisfy your needs, but in the end, the only thing holding you back is you.


I think I typed long enough though. Now we all know some psychological theories on needs and motivations, and ways to get motivated so we can be all happy and functioning members of society. And if you haven’t read the first part of this article HERE, I suggest that you do. No matter what, don’t loose hope.


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